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Have you been looking for a new property in Brisbane? We are the property buyers agency you need to make your search a breeze.

Whether you’re searching for your dream home, a commercial space for your business, or a property to build your investment portfolio, Access Buyers Agency is your trusted partner in this journey. The real estate market can be a complicated maze to wade through, and our property buyers agents are here to guide you and find the finest properties in the market for you.

With an excellent network of sellers and property dealers, our commercial real estate buyers agents have access to off-market properties, giving you an edge over others. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge of the local property market, enabling us to show you the best properties available.

From your dream home to the ultimate workspace, we give you access to the best properties.

Buyers Agent Brisbane


Do You Need a Real Estate Buyers Agent in Brisbane?

A buyers agent in Brisbane is your ally in the world of real estate. Our primary mission is to represent you, the buyer, in the property purchasing process. We work exclusively for you, ensuring your interests are our top priority.

At Access Buyers Agency, we’re more than just property experts; we’re your partners. Our real estate buyers agents handle all aspects of the property buying process, from identifying suitable properties, negotiating prices, conducting due diligence, and ensuring a smooth settlement. Our commitment is to make your property buying experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

When you work with experienced commercial property buyers agents like us, you can expect the following benefits:

Market Insights

Our agents have a deep understanding of market trends, ensuring you make informed decisions and don't overpay for a property.

Negotiation Skills

We are skilled negotiators, working to secure the best possible terms and prices on your behalf.

Access to Off-Market Properties

Our extensive network allows us to access off-market properties, giving you a head start in finding exclusive real estate opportunities.

Save Time and Stress

We handle all the legwork, saving you time and reducing the stress associated with property hunting.

Personalised Service

We tailor our approach to your unique needs, ensuring you find the property that aligns with your goals and preferences.

About us

At Access Buyers Agency, our passion for property and people converges seamlessly to create exceptional experiences. We help investors and homebuyers find their dream properties, especially in Bulimba, MorningsideSalisbury, Hawthorne, South Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Our dedicated founder, Dereje Bushell, a former paramedic, brings a unique perspective to our team, having built a successful residential portfolio himself. This experience has given him a keen insight into how to guide investors and homeowners towards their dream properties in South Brisbane.

Dereje’s journey from a paramedic to a property enthusiast and investor has inspired our mission. His personal experience in wealth creation through property investment drives our commitment to helping others secure their dream homes and lucrative investments. We believe in fostering a community where every client becomes a cherished part of our vision.

Get Access to Finest Off-Market Properties

Off-market properties are not publicly listed, which means they aren’t accessible to the general public. These properties are the hidden gems of the real estate world.

At Access Buyers Agency, our investment property buyer agents specialise in uncovering these exclusive opportunities. Through our extensive network and industry connections, we can provide you with access to these properties before they hit the market.

The benefits of purchasing off-market properties are numerous. Firstly, you gain a competitive advantage, as there is less competition among buyers. This can result in better prices and more favourable terms. Additionally, off-market properties often provide unique features and opportunities that you won’t find in public listings. It is a way to discover hidden treasures in the property market that others may never have the chance to explore.

Property Buyers Agent in Brisbane with Local Expertise

In the real estate market, local knowledge is invaluable. Our property buyers agents have an unparalleled understanding of the local property market in Brisbane. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial markets, giving us a comprehensive view of the local real estate landscape.

Access Buyers Agency works with local property experts, giving our clients a significant advantage. We can offer insights into the best neighbourhoods, schools, amenities, and other factors crucial to your decision-making process. Our familiarity with local market trends and conditions enables us to identify opportunities and potential challenges that may not be evident to outsiders.

Trusted Real Estate Buyers Agents in Brisbane

Whether you are searching for a home to start your family or looking for a property to invest in Bulimba, Access Buyers Agency is your trusted real estate partner. With our extensive local knowledge and valuable network and connections, we find you the best options for both residential and commercial properties in Brisbane.

If you want your property purchasing journey to be smooth and stress-free, then let us help you in the search.

Dereje Bushell, Dedicated Founder


Dereje Bushell is the dedicated founder of Access Buyers Agency, a property buyers agency with a distinctive mission. As the driving force behind the agency, Dereje is fuelled by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on his clients’ lives. His journey from a successful career as a paramedic to real estate has instilled in him a profound appreciation for compassion and understanding, which he carries into every aspect of his work.

Having experienced the complexities of the real estate market firsthand, Dereje recognized the need for a more client-centric approach. He founded Access Buyers Agency with the core principle of putting clients first and empowering them to achieve their real estate goals. With unwavering dedication, Dereje and his team commit to building strong relationships with each individual they serve, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique preferences and aspirations.

What our Brisbane customers say

Harry Bushell
Harry Bushell
I had a great experience with Access Buyers Agency. Dereje was very knowledgeable and efficient when it came to finding my first investment property. Great professionalism and he made the whole process hassle free. I look forward to expanding my portfolio with the agency in the future and would recommend to anyone wanting to purchase a property!
Katelyn Wilkie
Katelyn Wilkie
Pleasure to deal with, prompt and very knowledgeable about the market. Would recommend Access Buyers Agency to anyone and would use again in the future.
Zoe Janda
Zoe Janda
I used Access Buyers Agency to buy an investment property in Brisbane and I was very impressed with their service. They are a family run business that has a lot of experience and knowledge in the local market. They helped me find the right property for my needs, negotiated a great price, and handled all the paperwork and inspections. They also gave me valuable advice on how to maximise the return on my investment. They were professional, friendly, and responsive throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a buyer’s agent in Brisbane. They are the best in the business!
Mitchell Truesdale
Mitchell Truesdale
Really good experience dealing with this agency. Straight forward communication is something that is hard to find in the real estate world. Derejé was excellent at helping us understand what was happening every step of the way. Couldn’t recommend them enough!
Lou-jane Livesey
Lou-jane Livesey
Dereje’s expertise as a buyers agent exceeded my expectations. His wealth of knowledge about the property market was evident, and he went above and beyond to find me the perfect home. I highly recommend Dereje for his dedication and commitment to ensuring a seamless home buying experience.
caleb edwards
caleb edwards
Cannot recommend this company enough. We had so many hurtles to jump getting into a home an Dereje helped us with every little step, we had been looking at houses for months with no luck until we put out faith in Access buyers agency. Safe to say this was the best decision we have ever made in just under 7 days Dereje found us the perfect home. The care and kindness didnt stop there dereje pointed us in the right direction for all other services and liaised with the companies to make sure we were getting the best deal. Thanks again Dereje
Arthur Ganesan
Arthur Ganesan
When it comes to property dereje is the man! Smooth and easy totally recommend.
Abdullah Qureshi
Abdullah Qureshi
Dereje and his team are literally doing a fabulous job they are making life too much easier by bringing the best property for you
Cheyenne Taylor
Cheyenne Taylor
Had the best experience with Access Buyer’s Agency. The team looked after me from the first phone call to securing our investment. My fiancé and I spent ages looking for a property but we really didn’t have the time. Dereje was incredible and did all the leg work. He presented and negotiated on properties. I highly recommend him and his team.
anna balchin
anna balchin
I recommend Dereje from Access Buyers Agency to anyone in search of a buyer’s agent who is not only professional but also personable. Dereje is more than an agent; he’s the person you want on your team when buying your first home. Buying a new home can be stressful. He helped make the process simple for me to feel comfortable in such a big decision. 🙂

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