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What does having access to off-market opportunities feel like?

I was once asked, ‘What does having access to off-market opportunities feel¬†like?’. Reflecting on the reactions and experiences from Access Buyers Agency¬†clients, it feels: luxurious, like being upgraded from Economy to First Class on a long haul international flight, victorious¬†like securing A-Reserve tickets to watch your favourite artist perform, joyous¬†like entering your favourite food establishment first thing in the morning being greeted by display cabinets bursting with fresh produce, fresh coffee brewing, confident¬†like feeling fabulous in your stylish outfit for that¬†special occasion and successful¬†like accomplishing all your ‘To Do’ tasks and marking those items as completed.¬†

In summary: it feels good. Why? Because in all these instances, you are the priority. Your needs are important, valued and cared for and this is the same philosophy that underpins our buyers agency. 

Our role is to support you in successfully navigating the real estate market. As access in real estate is key, having the ability to view a property before others and discuss options with the key decision makers, is simply one vital area of value our team provides.  

It’s one thing to say this though, we would rather show you through a real example. In this case study, we focus on a prospective client who was presented with an exclusive off-market opportunity.¬†

The Opportunity

Our Access Buyers Agency team in in Bulimba, Morningside, Salisbury, Hawthorne, and South Brisbane identified an exclusive off-market property, located in a desirable neighbourhood and boasting modern amenities, spacious interiors, and significant appreciation potential. 

This single-family home was offered to the prospective client at a price of $540,000‚ÄĒa figure well below its market value, reflecting the unique advantage our clients have through early access to such deals.

Decision and Outcome

As part of our due diligence process, we provided a detailed analysis and clear value proposition of the property to the prospective client. After consideration, they chose to decline the offer, preferring to continue their search for the perfect property. 

This decision was respected, as we aim to support all prospective clients in making choices that align with their comfort and goals. However, the property was later sold on the open market for $580,000, which was $40,000 more than the price offered to the prospective client.

The Value We Provide

While the offer was declined and the potential $40,000 in value is now unavailable, there is no doubt that for any prospective buyer, being able to consider a highly worthwhile option, at a very reasonable price, without the pressure of competing against an open market, would feel good. 

The second best feeling perhaps, is knowing that as the search for the dream property continues, Access Buyers Agency will also continue working hard to generate favourable conditions for our clients, producing opportunities like the one in this case study. 

Knowing you have someone in your corner, tirelessly helping you achieve your real estate dreams is invaluable, as are the several critical advantages our services provide:

Exclusive Access: Our clients are privy to off-market properties that the general public, and even other investors, may not have access to, providing a competitive edge in a saturated market.

Informed Decision-Making: We equip our clients with comprehensive market analyses and insights, enabling informed decisions that align with their investment strategies and goals.

Financial Advantages: As demonstrated in this case, the potential for immediate equity and long-term gains highlights the financial benefits of leveraging our access to off-market deals. 

Strategic Support: Our expertise and timely advice are designed to help clients navigate the market efficiently, making the most of each opportunity.


For prospective clients, this case study vividly demonstrates the value and potential savings offered by our agency, which can significantly outweigh any costs of our services. Our commitment is to empower you with the opportunities, insights, and guidance necessary to make successful, value-driven real estate investments. 

Maximise your investment potential by taking advantage of our exclusive access to off-market opportunities. Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your real estate investment goals with confidence and success.